things to know

Best time to travel:

Luang Prabang is an all-year destination but the best time to visit is during the dry months from November through March. Please be aware that during these months temperatures can drop almost to the freezing point at night. During the wet season it is more humid, temperatures will go up and heavy rain showers can last for hours. In April/May air quality is bad due to many forest fires in the near mountains.


When you travel:

Passports must be valid for six months after your departure date. Swiss nationals do not need a visa for a stay up to two weeks. If you are planning to stay beyond two weeks, a visa on arrival will be issued at all major entry points for approx. US$ 30.00/person (two portrait pictures needed). This visa allows you to stay up to one month. For all other nationals, please check with your local embassy in your home country prior to departing for Lao. Please note that rules and regulations may change.


Lao’s tourism is not yet as developed as one would think. Especially outside the main centers the locals do not speak English very well/at all. This sometimes needs some extra time and patience especially if you travel individually. If you encounter any challenging situation, take a look at people’s faces and smile back at them.

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